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Poko Popcorn

How Did Poko Come to Be?
Poko Popcorn was born out of the minds of a small group of friends in a tiny kitchen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Through hundreds of trials, dozens of taste tests, and more than one afternoon spent in a "popcorn coma" (trust us, it's a thing), we believe we've developed the absolute best gourmet popcorn available. If you're a popcorn aficionado, or even just a casual snacker, we think Poko Popcorn will change your life.

What Makes Us So Special?
All the popping, tumbling and flavouring is done in small batches in each of our stores right in front of your eyes! Our popcorn is freshly popped with hot air - no artificial oils or chemicals here. We then coat each kernel in delicious, hand-crafted flavour using real ingredients, and keep our popcorn toasty warm just for you and your friends. This way, when the popcorn makes it into your hands (and your mouth) it's not only fresh, but warm too! You gotta taste the difference warm popcorn makes. If you're ordering our popcorn online you'll have to take our word for it, but this is a serious game changer.

At Poko Popcorn, our goal is to change the lives of snackers everywhere, one delicious kernel at a time. And we want to have fun doing it!

Our expert in-house team, in partnership with you, will manage every aspect of real estate, construction and start-up, and provide you with extensive training as well as ongoing marketing and operations support.

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Poko Popcorn