Mister Transmission


100,000-200,000 35,000 7%

Franschise Details

60 1967 yes

Mister Transmission

Why Mister Transmission is the Right Choice for You

Mister Transmission has kept Canadians on the road with expert service and quality repairs since 1963. We’ve spent the last 55 years building trust and a strong reputation with our customers. Today, we are the leading choice and largest chain of transmission specialists in Canada. Consumer trends today indicate that Canadians are more willing to trust a chain of stores than an independent “one-off” shop. Particularly in the automotive industry, consumers tend to trust the names they know best. Mister Transmission is famous for quality repairs, expert service and outstanding warranty protection. We are specialists, not generalists, with limited competition – and that is what sets us apart from all other automotive aftermarket brands. Our head office will equip you with all the tools you will need to get started and be successful, including:

-Sales & Customer Service
-Technical Training
-Marketing & Advertising (both traditional and digital)
-Operations & Profitability Support
-Ongoing training and support

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Mister Transmission