Manchu Wok


400000-600000 $30,000 7%

Franschise Details

AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NW, NS, NU, ON, PE, SK, YT 76 1983 yes

Manchu Wok

Direct Customer Engagement
Manchu WOK® believes that the best way to serve the needs and wants of customers is to get to know them. Our market research and strategies are based on real insights from people who enjoy our products.

Our brand’s commitment to Franchise Operators
We stand behind our franchisees with business and operation support, whether they operate a single unit or multi-units.

Streamlines store level operations with pre-mixed sauces, proprietary protein products, and detailed operational instructions with on-going training support
Consistency, teamwork and system-based operations help our franchisees’ grow
Innovative store designs and continuous development
Exceptional 5S Customer Service program: Smile, Sample, Serve, Say “Thank You” & Surprise
Ad Fund is allocated towards timely national marketing activities, such as helping to maximize the brand exposure across all markets with various media outlets
Market research, product innovation to help stay current with market trends and the development of tools and resources to promote your business locally and will help build guest frequency. To fans of Asian delicacies, Manchu WOK® is the place for enjoying fast and fresh Chinese cuisine. For decades, no other fast food name is as recognized as Manchu WOK® when it comes to offering authentic, best-loved recipes of the East
Your guests have come to expect the availability of our signature dishes – like Manchu WOK®’s irresistible Orange Chicken or our delectable Honey Garlic Chicken – but they are always pleasantly surprised with new additions to our ever-evolving menu that captures the best from Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan and Mandarin regions. We WOK® the talk…guests see it in stores and taste it in the quality of delicious menu items with bold flavours and fresh ingredients prepared everyday. The menu offers hundreds of possible combinations from all our dishes created using traditional WOK® Style cooking.

Manchu WOK® is a proud brand of MTY Group. MTY Group operates +40 banners, with over 5500 units and a broad range of QSR solutions. The company maintains a leading position in its market through acquisitions and national and international expansion, as well as continuous operational improvements for service that consistently exceeds consumers expectation.