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50000-100000 $29,000 4-5% 1%

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AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NW, NS, NU, ON, PE, SK, YT 12 yes

Just Like Family Home Care

Five Benefits of Owning an Senior Home Care Franchise
-Unlimited Growth – When working with a franchise, you have the ability to grow quickly because you have a company behind you helping you through each phase of growth, allowing you to skip those awkward growing stages and head straight to the next level.

-Stability – Franchises have history in their company and have surpassed the statistics of startups closing in the first five years. You have a more stable opportunity with franchises than starting your own business from the ground up.

-Brand Awareness – Working with a franchise means working with a company that has already done the work of getting customers to recognize who they are and what they do. It makes marketing and selling much easier on you.

-Business Assistance – As with any business, there are so many aspects to consider and that you’ll be handling. But buying into a franchise means they’ve already figured out costs, hiring, services, branding, and so much more. They give you the business assistance you need so you don’t feel ill-equipped when figuring things out.

-Safer Investment – Overall franchises are a safer investment because of all these points and more. As an investor, your money is safer being put towards an established business than a new start-up without the numbers or experience to back it up.

Why Choose to be a Part of the Just Like Family Franchise?
-Prime Territories – We offer territories within high-aging demographics to help your franchise become more established faster and begin bringing in monthly revenue sooner.

-No Competition – We ensure each territory is protected, so you’re never competing with another franchisee of Just Like Family. We have territories available starting in all of British Columbia and all major cities in Canada.
Growth – Multiple territories can be awarded to top performers because we believe hard work should be rewarded to those who earn it.

-Support – We have great training and on-going support system so you never feel alone and always have someone there to answer your questions during each phase of growth and transitioning.

-Established Processes – We have excellent branding and business planning for Just Like Family. Our customers know our branding and trust us because of our experience and training. You get all of that when you become a Just Like Family franchisee.

-Proper Training – Even if you don’t know anything about senior home care, you can still become a franchisee. You’ll get to work with experts in the senior home care field and professional service protocols to learn all you need to succeed.

-Business Strategies – We provide excellent on-boarding procedures to ensure the best staff and support networks. We want you to hit the ground running and start off on the right foot, so we provide everything you need as a franchise owner to help you succeed in this industry.



Just Like Family  Home Care