Canadian Residential Inspection Services


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Canadian Residential Inspection Services

Training. Marketing. Reporting.
We are expanding our home inspection franchise operations throughout Canada, delivering high quality inspection services through dynamic training, strategic marketing and a superior reporting system for our franchisees.

The Home Inspection Industry
The home inspection business is a fast-paced, expanding industry with huge growth potential. Statistics show that 90 per cent of all home sales now include a home inspection. A pre-purchase home inspection is a visual inspection of the accessible internal and external aspects of the property. This includes systems such as surface grading and drainage, roofing, insulation, ventilation, chimneys, exterior siding, windows and doors, structural integrity, foundation, electrical and plumbing.
Canadian Residential was developed in the 80's at a time when home inspection was an emerging industry with the founder personally having operated his own successful home inspection company for over two decades. This hands-on knowledge of the industry was critical for the development of the Franchise system and protocols. While developing the CRIS system, he was able to observe how it functioned in the real world of home inspections. As the needs and expectations of the public changed over the years and technology advanced, our system has stayed one step ahead.

Canadian Residential Inspection Services Ltd. (CRIS)
CRIS Ltd. is a wholly Canadian owned and managed company. Founded in 1988 to address the growing market demand for effective, high-quality inspection services for homebuyers throughout Canada. Through strategic marketing, dynamic training and a network of carefully selected franchise partners, our hard work, attention to detail and commitment to providing an unbeatable, top-quality service, has built our company into a leader in the home inspection field. We now have franchisees all across Canada from coast to coast. Home inspection is the sole focus of our business. CRIS offers comprehensive detailed inspections on all types of residential properties.

We are committed to helping our franchisees succeed and to awarding an exclusive Franchise Territory to the best suited applicant to ensure a strong Franchise Team across Canada. The success of each individual franchise is of prime importance to this company.
CRIS was one of the first home inspection companies in Canada to receive national accreditation for its training of home inspectors. Training is focused on defect recognition, highlighting the subtle clues inspectors should look for to identify flaws. The backbone of the company's 30 years of success is our comprehensive, user-friendly inspection report and the extensive training linked to it.
CRIS understands that the needs of the homebuyer are diverse and a good home inspector has to be sensitive to the different requirements of each client. CRIS inspectors are all highly trained and help clients gather the information they require to make an informed decision. The inspection gives clients the knowledge and the understanding to feel confident making this important purchase.

Our training is accredited by the National Home Inspectors Certification Council and government bodies where home inspection licensing is required.



Canadian Residential Inspection Services